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Linda Ingham (B.Acc CPA) Partner

Linda Ingham became Davenports’ first female partner in 2008. Linda has been with Davenports since she left university, having started with the firm as a graduate accountant in 2000. She quickly rose through the ranks, before being given a managerial role in 2004.

While Linda’s promotion was due to her skills and ability, the fact that she is young and female has provided other advantages to Davenports, with many of the clients and staff of the firm also being young and female. Linda also has an excellent leadership style that engages people, particularly young people, which is perfect for a modern firm such as Davenports.

Having Linda as a partner brings new and fresh ideas to the Davenports team. In addition, many of the firm’s younger, female clients enjoy dealing with Linda for their financial services.

Outside of work, Linda’s focus is her family.  With two young daughters, life is full of excitement and hard work. However, she is fortunate as her husband, Rob, is the prime carer on the domestic front, leaving Linda free during the week to pursue her passion = providing clients with accounting and taxation services.

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