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Beware of the scams

There’s news of another scam involving an email purporting to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), so be extra cautious if you receive a message that looks suspicious.

The current scam directs people to a fake website that looks exactly like the ATO equivalent. The site records your information, including your credit card number.

This scam is similar to other scams that ask for your details, including your credit card number or personal bank account details. People who are tricked into disclosing these details then have their accounts raided. The best defence against these types of scams is simply to delete the email. Generally, organisations such as the ATO, you bank and other financial institutions will never ask for financial details via an email, so if you are asked to provide this type of information you should be suspicious.

If you do receive an email and you are unsure, phone the organisation in question. It pays to be cautious in these situations.

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